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SACRED SPACE transforms Short Term Rentals, bringing our guests a quality travel experience. We offer apartments, lofts, and vacation homes to professional travelers in the most visited neighborhoods. Our stays provide hotel-like amenities, such as travel-size toiletries, towels, & premium linen for every stay, along with all the advantages of a fully-functioning home, like spacious kitchens and comfortable living spaces.

Our guests find comfort, quality, and safety at every stay. Our local teams at each location work hard to maintain a consistent quality experience for each guest. SACRED SPACE is available 24/7 via text or phone call to answer any questions, concerns, or accommodations.


Are you looking to stay with us for a month or longer? We welcome you home. SACRED SPACE offers 30+ night stays to accommodate the corporate/business traveler, long-haul vacationer, and digital nomad. Located in Atlanta, with locations nationwide, SACRED SPACE offers travelers extended stay accommodations with our fully-furnished apartment suites that seamlessly integrate work and play while providing all the comforts of home.

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Partnering with Sacred Space

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Contact Us

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We tour your place.

We'll design your space.

Sign an agreement.

We will do the rest.

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Our journey together starts when we first view your property.

When both parties are satisfied with the partnership, we will create a contract.

Once the contract is signed, we will design and furnish the space. No charge to you.

Our team will manage the property. You just sit back and collect your earnings.

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